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During her childhood....

Started to sing at the age of three or four.  She participated in singing competitions in Irish festivals called "Feisanna Cheoil".

Her family....

Her father was once in a showband called, "Slieve Foy Dance" and founded a pub/tavern called, "Leo's Tavern" (Irish Gaelic: "Tabhairne Leo"), which is currently owned by him and run by Bartley Brennan.
Video: Documentary of Leo's Tavern (4.26.2004) (RTÉ.ie)

Her mother is a former music teacher at Gweedore Comprehensive School and is an organist in a church.  She also conducts a church choir, called "Cor Mhuire".

Before her career....

She used to sing in a church choir.

Excelled in watercolor landscapes while attending college in Millford.

Throughout her career....

"Enya" is considered a collaboration of three people: Enya (music/arrangements), Nicky Ryan (production/arrangements) and Roma Ryan (lyrics).

Her name (not her real name) is a registered trademark: Enya™

Describes her music as "Enya".

Something interesting....

Lives in a small Victorian-style Irish castle in Dublin (built in 1840), which she purchased in 1997.  The castle was formerly known as "Ayesha Castle" (Ayesha meaning, "from the ashes"), and she renamed it "Manderley Castle". She chose "Manderley" because it is the name of a house in one of Enya's favorite movies, Rebecca.

She is neighbors with Bono from the Irish rock band, U2.

She likes to travel and loves shopping for clothes.

She does some music arrangements for her mother's choir.

In addition....

Three words she describes about herself: Perfectionist. Honest. Romantic.

She has an asteroid (designated as 6433) named in honor of her.

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