Name the Enya Song

Level: Easy

1. Which of these songs isn't sung in Loxian:
Water Shows the Hidden Heart
The River Sings
If I Could Be Where You Are

2. Who knows the way love is?
Only Time
Flora's Secret

3. This is a list of Enya songs in Latin. But one of them isn't. Which song isn't in Latin?
Tempus Vernum
Afer Ventus
Less Than A Pearl

4. Which song has the Gaelic lyric, "Go brónach a choích."?
Deireadh an Tuath
Deora Ar Mo Chroí

5. Which of these songs is NOT an instrumental?
As Baile
'S Fágaim Mo Bhaile

6. "City lights shine on the harbour" in this song:
Someone Said Goodbye
Amid the Falling Snow
Long Long Journey

7. Which of these songs is sung in Sindarin?
The Council of Elrond

8. This is a list of song titles in Gaelic. But one of them isn't. Which song isn't a song title in Gaelic?
Oíche Chiúin

9. Which song can you find a name in the rain?
Wild Child
Storms in Africa II
It's In the Rain

10. Which song can you find one red balloon floating to the moon?
Lazy Days
Caribbean Blue
Only If...

Score =

100: Congratulations! You did very well at this level.
99-90: Excellent job! You know Enya's music quite well at this level.
89-80: You did good at this level.
69-0: You must be a new fan of Enya. LOL.

Correct answers:

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