Name the Enya Song

Level: Medium

1. This song is one of Enya's favourites from the album, Amarantine:
Amid the Falling Snow
If I Could Be Where You Are
Water Shows the Hidden Heart

2. Which of these songs was inspired by a poem Roma had written that goes something like,
"Love is unencumbered, it's free and it's pure and it's brave."?
Hope Has A Place

3. Which of the these songs isn't associated with "wind"?
An Ghaoth Ón Ghrian
Tempus Vernum
'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile

4. One of these Enya songs doesn't have two versions. Which one is it?
May It Be
Wild Child
On My Way Home

5. Which of these songs is not a remix:
Anywhere Is
Wild Child

6. This song was based on a poem that goes something like:
          I am autumn
          I am winter
          I am the echo
The First of Autumn
Amid the Falling Snow
La Soñadora

7. Which of these songs has an edited version:
On My Way Home
Anywhere Is

8. This song is for a spirit-child:
Miss Clare Remembers

9. What was the final song Enya had finished on Shepherd Moons ?
Book of Days
Caribbean Blue

10. Which of these songs is not associated with the colour, "blue"?
China Roses
Amid the Falling Snow
The River Sings

Score =

100: Congratulations! You did very well at this level.
99-90: Excellent job! You know Enya's music quite well at this level.
89-80: You did good at this level.
69-0: You must be a new fan of Enya. LOL.

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