Name the Enya Song

Level: Difficult

1. Which song did Enya say that's "tied to excitement" and makes her smile every time she listens to it?
Wild Child
It's In the Rain
Orinoco Flow

2. Which song was Enya referring to when she said, "It’s a celebration of that special time and a lament that it is over"?
I May Not Awaken
Fallen Embers
If I Could Be Where You Are

3. Which song is based on a Greek mythological figure called Aiglé?
Willows on the Water
Water Shows the Hidden Heart

4. Which of these songs was Enya describing, that is about "all those wonderful memories and fond moments" a person has?
Orinoco Flow
It's In The Rain
On My Way Home

5. What was the song Enya and Roma and trouble finding the lyric to before the idea of Loxian came about?
Less Than A Pearl
The River Sings
Water Shows The Hidden Heart

6. The phrase, "sea of Clouds" in Orinoco Flow refers to:
the moon
dense fog
cumulus clouds in the sky

7. Which song is played on five different octaves?
The Comb of the Wind
Orinoco Flow

8. Which of these songs was Enya describing, the one that tells "how well we have chosen when we have given our love"?
Only Time
Hope Has A Place

9. What is "Water Shows the Hidden Heart" translated as in Loxian?
Ea Hymm Llay Hey
Heah Viiya

10. In the song, "Orinoco Flow" what does the phrase, "Island of the Moon" refer to?
A crater in the moon.

Score =

100: Congratulations! You did very well at this level.
99-90: Excellent job! You know Enya's music quite well at this level.
89-80: You did good at this level.
69-0: You must be a new fan of Enya. LOL.

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